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Training | Course: Testing
Sub Course: Manual Testing, Database Testing, QTP Test Scripts
Manual Testing
 1. QA Process in Real Time
 2. Roles and Responsibilities of QA Engineer
 3. QA Environment Setup
 4. Project and Product Architectures
 5. Understanding Use cases, SRS and FRS documents
         *  Clarification
         *  Resource Allocation
 6. Preparation of QA Project plan
 7. Preparation of High Level Test Plan
 8. Preparation of Test Cases
         *  Smoke Test Case
         *  Functional Test cases
         *  Regression Test Cases
         *  UI Test Cases
         *  DB Test Cases
         *  END-END Test Cases
 9. Review and Update the Test Cases
 10. Build Release and Version Maintaining
 11. Execute Test Cases and Report Defects
         *  Risk Factor
         *  Dependencies
 12. Integration Testing
 13. Traceability Matrix
 14. System Testing
Database Testing in Real Time: Oracle, MS-SQL Server
 15. About Database Environment
 16. Roles and Responsibilities in database Testing
 17. How Application Interacts with DB
 18. What DBMS and RDBMS
 19. Real Time Scenario in Database like SQL and PL/SQL
 20. What are the Database objects in database testing
         *  Tables
         *  Views
         *  Sequences
         *  Synonyms
         *  Keys (Integrity constraints)
         *  Indexes
         *  Clusters
 21. What is PL/SQL and How to test below blocks
         *  Stored procedure
         *  Functions
         *  Database Triggers
         *  Cursors
 22. Test Environment in Database Testing
 23. Tools in Database Testing like TOAD etc
 24. Preparation of Test Plan in Database Testing
 25. Preparation of Test Cases in Database Testing
 26. Execute Database Test Cases and Report the Defects
 27. Risks, dependencies and impact in Database Testing Automation Testing: QTP 8.2 and 9.2
 28. Roles and Responsibilities in automation
 29. VB Script Coverage
 30. Automation Project Plan and Test Plan
 31. Preparation of Automation Test Cases
 32. Test Automation Architecture
QTP Test Script
 33. Access Database
 34. Object Repository
 35. Library
 36. Test Management Tool Like QC and Test Director
 37. Test Automation Frame Work
         *  Keyword Driven Framework
         *  FDMA Framework
         *  Hybrid Framework
         *  Air Framework
 38. Design Time Environment
         *  Folder Structure
 39. Run time Environment
 40. Test Script logic Flow
 41. Coding Conventions
 42. Script Conventions
Test Script
 43. Functions
 44. Reusable Scripts
 45. Repository Files
 46. Executing Scripts and logging the Defects
 47. Risks and Resource allocation and Dependencies
         *  Folder Structure
Extra Activities
         *  Unix commands and Scripting
         *  Networking Concepts like protocol, URL etc
         *  Client Server, web Server and Enterprise Architecture
         *  API Testing and UNIX Testing
         *  J2EE Architecture, .Net Architecture and ERP Architecture etc
         *  Theoretical Concepts in Telecom Domain
         *  Application Deployment and Setup Environment
         *  Soft Skills and Inter personnel Skills
         *  Resume Preparation and Mock Interview
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