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7HillTop Technologies feels that an inclusive HR and payroll project boosts quality, reduces risk, enhances revenue, and reduces cost as well as wait time. "The enhanced features offered in the product are superior and can be customized according to the clients' requirements along with some additional features with excellent and timely delivery." This is the caption that describes 7HillTop Technologies's continued business commitment towards developing and delivering products and services, to its clients, which ensures success to the company.

7HillTop Technologies, in a bouquet of its product development efforts over the HR and Payroll project offers latest approaches and addresses many aspects like time, pressure and personnel and benefits the firms in terms of costs by minimizing their challenges. Also, it provides perfect, ready to access product with good user compatibility and superior features that eliminates recording employee information in multiple interfaces by integrating all the interfaces into a single window. This enables the users to view the employee's complete information in a single screen without having to navigate to multiple screens for viewing different data of a particular employee.

What does HR and Payroll mean?
HR and payroll is an amalgamation of the activities carried out by the human resource department as well as information technology to improve the process of payroll. The project involves designing a payroll based on the data collected by the human resources team. This can be used for the estimation of quotation of the project taking into consideration the aspects of employees in the payroll processing.
The product specifies the following features for the convenience of the users
Employee master data including the compensations ,benefits, immigration and performance assessments and its influence over the salary
Leave administration system and its management.
Time administration involving the working hours, patterns of working, overtime etc...
Payroll calculation comprising all the above aspects.
Financial design involving the cost of employees, working hours and its management for quoting the project
Reports and documents pertaining to the above calculations in the form of variance reports etc...
A comprehensive employee tracking system that helps in processing all the activities from the day of joining till the date of leaving including full and final settlement process.
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