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Aim of this particular ERP System is to minimise duplicity of work, bring accuracy in commercial transaction and capture all basic data require to provide all MIS data to all level of management.

ERP System of 7HillTop consist of following modules:

  Finance/Account Module
  Stores Inventory System
  Sales Module
  Purchase Module
  HR & Payroll System
  Production Management System
ERP Solution features
     Administrator / user login page
     ERP administration activities like Creation of Roles, Creation of User, Password Change facility
     One time master level entry with Add, View & Modify option for
- Company, Branch, Company Bank creation
- Location (Country, State, District, Area)
- Account (Group Type, Group Master, Sub-Group Type, Account Master, Voucher Type)
- HR (Department, Designation, Employee, Holiday, Salary, Loan, Leave)
- Customer (Customer Type, Customer Master, Customer Category)
- Material (Material Category, Material Master)
- Supplier details entry
- Minimum Stores stock entry
- Manage Expence type
- Tax & Others (Tax, Finance Party, Transporter, Reference, Destination, Terms & Conditions)
     Transactions entry
     HR - Attendance
     HR - Allowance
     HR - Reimbursement
     HR- Leave system & Loan
     Payroll and Tax
     Purchase - Supplier Quotation
     Purchase Order
     Purchase order return
     Stocks - Goods Receipt Note(GRN)
     Inward Inspection register
     Stock update/issue
     Stock transfer
     Stock transfer advice
     Sales Quotation
     Sales Order
     Sales order return
     Daily Sales
     Delivery Challan
     Invoice cum DC against PO / SO
     Accounts Voucher
     Credit Note
     Debit Note
     Bank Recocilation
     Print all receipts/reports
     Reports - users/roles, location, sales, purchase, stock, accouts, invoice, delivery challan
Purchase department will send request to suppliers against different items/materials on basis of reports. Once Supplier quotation is being entered in the system then quotation analysis statement can be automatically generated through system  against that enquiry. After that on the basis of quotation analysis Purchase Order can be raised to a particular supplier by specifying supplier quotation number. After Purchase Order is being prepared and pint out of PO is released then it’s get considered in the PENDING PO LIST as long as materials are not received against that particular Purchase Order ( Delivery Schedule).

After receiving the PO form the specified supplier, then it will post to GRN system by proper checking by the executives. PO department will send the invoice to finance to make the necessary payments. If any defects or broken materials found then it will go to PO return system and the final material quantity will be posted to Stock register. From stores the materials will be issued from main branch to the other brances by putting stock transfer advice.
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