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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, groups all traditional company management functions (finance, sales, purchase, stock/inventory, manufacturing, human resources, etc.) into a coherent, integrated system. The integration of so many management aspects signifies that a sophisticated level of planning is required for an ERP implementation.

7HillTop can be customized and applied to Manufacturing or non-manufacturing environments with specialized functionalities as required by different industries.

Enterprise Resource Planning - Business Drivers and Benefits.

A Simple and easy to use ERP system like Sysapps aid in the control and communication of business activities, such as:

  Management and analyses of business processes within an interactive environment
  Efficient handling of order processing and production scheduling
  Synchronization of activity within departments, such as human resources or finance, with the needs and output from production facilities
  Monitoring, sharing, and tracking information throughout the organization
  Dynamic control of the sales of goods and purchasing of raw materials
  Synchronization of order entry, quote processing, and reporting
  Obtaining the most value from company resources and equipment
Financial reports can be easily customized to meet the needs of various decision makers. Financial projections can be based on detailed ERP calculations for future requirements. Cash planning, for example, can account for current and projected sales orders and planned purchases, as well as current receivables and payables. Decision support tools (such as spreadsheets, graphics packages and data managers) can use the financial data maintained in the ERP database.
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